Member of Parliament education

Parliament Education Roles


  • Presenter to the Papua New Guinea Induction Programme for new MPs (Port Morseby, August 2012) focusing on; separation of powers, the role of an MP, the role of opposition and Parliamentary processes.
  • Presenter at The Vanuatu MP induction programme (Port Villa November 2012), focusing on; separation of powers, the role of the legislature and executive, Parliamentary processes, role of the opposition, select committee, House procedures including questions, urgent debates and inquiries, and the role of individual the MP in and out of the House.
  • Presenter at the Parliamentary Seminar, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (2011), Topics included: Ethics and Accountability of Members, Parliamentary Privileges, Roles of the Residing Office and other officials, and the Role of the Opposition.
  • Presenter at Australian New Zealand School of Government, Executive Master of Public Administration Course - The Role of Political Advisors in Ministerial Offices, 2011


With Hon Steve Chadwick standing at the main door to the Parliament House Papua New Guinea.

With two MPs at the two day seminar in Vanuatu, there were two dress codes.