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Roles /Positions

Rick Barker Roles & Positions

Chief Crown Negotiator

Rick was made Chief Crown Negotiator in 2012 by the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Hon Chris Finlayson, to act as his agent to draw to a conclusion an enduring settlement for the historical claims brought by iwi against the Crown for beaches of the Treaty of Waitangi. These are complex negotiations caused by a painful past, negotiated in today’s context with a focus on the future. Rick has lead the Crown team to conclude three settlements and is currently engaged with two other negotiations which are drawing to agreement between the Crown and iwi for the settlement of historic grievances.


Regional Council

2013 Rick was elected to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council representing the Hastings constituency. He stood to bring about change to the Regional Council, for a more progressive environmental program and a thorough examination of the Ruataniwha dam project, labelling himself as a ‘dam sceptic. He was elected with three other like-minded Councillors, Rex Graham, Tom Belford and Peter Bevan. With nine councillors the four were in the minority, constantly shut out by the five so labelled themselves ‘the mushrooms’.


Parliament Review

The sixth review of the Parliamentary Appropriation was presented to Parliament in November 2015. This is a review that is undertaken every three years at the beginning of the parliamentary session. The review panel of three was chaired by Grant Taylor, of Ernst and Young, Hon John Carter and Hon Rick Barker. This was a thorough review of Parliaments expenditure making recommendations on the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of funding for Parliament.


Industrial Relations

With 20 years solid experience in industrial relations and dispute resolution Rick continues to work as an advocate on behalf of clients who wish to have firm and direct advice for taking the simplest path to resolution.


Election Supervision

Rick has extensive experience in election monitoring and engaging with Members of Parliament about their roles, how parliaments function and the importance of constitutional arrangements Rick has been on the following.


Member of Parliament Education

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China Pacific Ltd

China Pacific Limited was established by Rick, his friend Rex Graham and James Guan to foster business opportunities between China and New Zealand, with a particular focus on Hawke’s Bay. Rex has significant horticultural intellectual property interests in China. James is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and who’s English is that good he shows his talent with stand-up comedy.


World War 1 Commemoration Panel

Rick was appointed by the Ministers Arts and Culture to the panel responsible for leading the 100 year commemoration of World War 1, to recognise the losses with dignity, to sustain the memory of the sacrifice in a way that does not glorify war. The panel gave momentum to local and national events starting in 2014 and programmed through to 2018. Commissioned books, plays, films, had memorials refurbished, ensured historical records, particularly service records were made available, and public events were held both nationally and locally